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201 Baptism as Wyett Wyatt, Henry (I4877)
202 Baptism George William Essex
See also George William Essex.
Bucks Herald 27 February 1915 - An Adjourned desision. William George Essex, late of Smoky Row, Great Kimble, was summoned by his wife, Clara Elizabeth Essex, for desertion, complainant applying for an order against him under the Summary Jurisdiction (Married Women) Act, 1895 ...
Bucks Herald 20 March 1915 - Aylesbury Petty Sessions Sat March 13. Separation Order - In the adjourned case against William George Essex, of Kimble, the Chairman informed Mrs Essex that the Magistrate who adjudicated had decided to grant a separation order, and the costs of the case would be remitted.
Previous Bucks Herald 20 February 1915. Magisterial - Before Messrs. R. W. Locke and G. Clark, on Wednesday, William George Essex, of Smoky Row, Great Kimble, was charged with stealing 18s., the money of Clara Elizabeth Essex, on August 28, 1911. - After hearing the evidence of complainant the Bench dismissed the case. 
Essex, William George (I4770)
203 Baptism of Graham shows Edith Rosslyn Hart, Rosaline Edith (I4151)
204 Baptism record shows date of birth as 11 Mar 1897 Peacock, Elsie (I2577)
205 Baptism recorded as Arnett Arnott, Joseph (I4032)
206 Baptism recorded as Mary Revel Revels, Mary (I2546)
207 Baptism register shows Peter Bryan Spittles, Peter Brian (I1604)
208 Baptism shown as Benion Benning, William (I254)
209 Baptism shown as Benion Benning, Elizabeth (I255)
210 Baptism shows "Hewington (?Ewington)" Ewington, Winifred Emma (I4505)
211 Baptism shows Aris Ayres, Mary Ann (I66)
212 Baptism shows Badhams Baddams, Mary Ann (I4049)
213 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2250)
214 Baptism shows Elsie Emiline Seymour, Elsie Eveline (I3393)
215 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4515)
216 Baptism shows Lawrence. GRO marriage shows Laurence Lawrance, John (I375)
217 Baptism shows Leech Leach, William (I161)
218 Baptism shows Leech Leach, Esther (I5309)
219 Baptism shows Leech. Emigrated - died 1940 Brampton, Canada? Leach, Sarah Ann (I1025)
220 Baptism shows Plestead Plested, Elizabeth Mary (I4063)
221 Baptism shows Whyat Wyatt, Richard (I2962)
222 Baptism, marriage and death recorded as DARVILLE.
Harold Richard in 1901 census 
Darvill, Richard Harold (I1594)
223 Baptisms for ALL children show mother's name as Rebecca. Found dead in a field whilst working - see coroners inquest. Rogers, Thomas (I224)
224 Batism as Goodale Goodall, Mary Ann (I4794)
225 Biography
Occupation: Upholster and Cabinet Maker (Master) of 39 George Street, Marylebone, London.
Move to Marylebone around 1815-1820. Set up business at 39 George Street, Marylebone.
Witness to his nieces’ marriages:
1: Ann Quartermain PERKINS 25 November 1841 St. Mary Church, Bryanston Square,Marylebone [ # 314 parish register] to Richard Scrase SAXBY – widower, wine merchant, Leicester Square, London.
2: Maria Elizabeth PERKINS 27 April 1852 St. Mary Church, Bryanston Square, Marylebone [ # 438 parish register] to John Henry SPOKES of Cholsey, Berkshire.

Joseph Quartermaine sold his business around 1865 and moved back to the ancestral home of Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire, where he died.
He left his estate to his niece Maria Elizabeth SPOKES (formerly Perkins] of The Hazels, Cholsey, Berkshire.
Maria Elizabeth SPOKES died 1879 Cholsey, Berkshire, and is buried in the Quartermaine family plot at All Saints Parish Church, Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire.

Details kindly provided by Elizabeth Visser 
Quartermaine, Joseph (I3970)
226 Birth and baptism as Ellen Essex Essex, Primrose Ellen (I2510)
227 Birth and baptism as PITTWELL Pitwell, Ada Elizabeth (I6135)
228 Birth and baptism show Charles Frederick Perrottet Perrottet, Frederick Charles (I2830)
229 Birth and death registered as Thomas Francis Bishop, Thomas Francis (I4046)
230 Birth and marriage in GRO index as Sydney George Boswell Boswell, Sidney George (I3695)
231 Birth and marriage registered as Wilfrid Stopps, Wilfred Francis (I6582)
232 Birth announcement Bucks Herald 30 August 1929 "On Aug. 28th, to Cecily (nee Bonner), wife of Geoffrey Perry, of Marsh Hill, Kimble - a daughter". Is this Gwendolyn F Perry Q4 1929 Edmonton 3a 995? Perry, Geoffrey Gladstone (I5157)
233 Birth date uncertain - 1939 Register shows 23 Oct 06 (original entry) and 21 Oct 09 (added later) Butler, Lilian (I6702)
234 Birth index shows John William Plater, William John (I2856)
235 Birth place shown as Great Kimble Wyatt, Harry (I1459)
236 Birth place shown as Great Kimble Wyatt, Harry (I1459)
237 Birth recorded as Ellen Chater, Helen (I191)
238 Birth registered as Colabella, 1911 census Collabella Hicks, Corabella (I2532)
239 Birth registered as Eliza Augusta Bolton Bolton, Augusta Eliza (I3354)
240 Birth registered as George Oliver Parslow Parslow, Oliver George (I2188)
241 Birth registered as How Howe, Grace (I1243)
242 Birth registered as How Howe, Caroline (I1249)
243 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2639)
244 Birth registered as Joanna Reading, Johanna Lucy (I2217)
245 Birth registered as John Bennion Benyon, John (I3508)
246 Birth registered as Stops. Death registered as Joseph Stopps. Stopps, Joe (I2496)
247 Birth registered as Susan CHANEY Darvill. Death registered as DARVILLE Darvill, Susan Cheney (I2089)
248 Birth registered as William Jabez, baptism as Jabez William Orchard, Jabez (I1966)
249 Birth shown in GRO index as Russell Russel, Gerald (I5949)
250 Birth, death and burial registered as Leech Leach, Joseph Alfred (I1820)

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